How We Work



Primarily, we conduct SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT. We review the client’s business’ metrics to assess growth, opportunities and what can be done to improve their social presence.

We check:
-> What kind of content have been posted so far,
-> What material is working and not working,
-> What content strategy have been followed,
-> How brand positioning is done,
-> What is the tone of the branding,
-> Is the bio description used in each social media page clear enough to simply convey the right message about who the client’s business help and how they help them,
-> The effectiveness of the creative design, caption content and hashtags used.

We also study the client’s business website to better understand their business, and we also analyze their Google Analytics metrics to measure social media performance.


After studying the client’s business website and auditing their social media pages, we schedule a brand clarity call with them, where we talk about:

-> Their business goals and how are they expecting social media marketing to help them meet those goals?
-> Their niche
-> Who are their ideal clients or customers? Whom do they follow? What are their goals and aspirations?
-> What problems are their ideal customers/clients facing at the moment?
-> How are their products/services solving that problem?
-> What kind of thoughts/feelings do they want their customers to generate when they visit their social media accounts?
-> How do they want their customers to talk about their products/services?

These questions may sound overwhelming, but if you do not know the answers to all these questions, don’t worry at all. We are here only for this. We help you get clarity about your business, brand and products/services.




In this process, we research other brands in the same niche and industry to gain insight into the client’s brand image, customer preferences, target market, and other important aspects of market research.

We study the competitors:
-> To understand how they are positioning their brand on social media, and what message they are trying to convey to their customers about their products/services through branding. What colors, text fonts and element designs are they using to represent their brand?
-> To understand how they are talking to their audience. (Brand tone)
-> To analyze their post content and types and hashtags used.
-> To analyze engagement on their posts.
-> To analyze how often and at what time they post.
-> To track the activity of their followers to study the behavior of potential customers, to understand what they are talking about, whom do they follow, what they feel, what they need and what their problems are.


After having clarity about the client’s brand through the brand clarity session, and understanding the strategy of competitors through market and competitive research, we consider the theme of their brand, to give a cohesive look to each social media account.

In other words, in this theme designing process, we work on creating a branding board for our clients, depending on how they want their brand to be positioned, where we decide:
-> Brand color
-> Brand fonts
-> Design elements used in designing posts, stories, and videos.
-> Posting pattern for Instagram page
-> Instagram highlights cover design
-> Cover Image for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.




The content strategy creation will depend on the above three steps: page auditing, brand clarity, and market & competitive research. Here in this process, we decide:

-> Social Media feed types: carousel post, single image post, reel, or long video post.
-> Type of content to be posted: quotes, tips, guides, testimonials, behind-the-scenes, promotional posts, lifestyle posts and so on.
-> How often and at what time will the posting be done? (Based on the client’s business goals and competitor research, we determine how often and at what time posts and stories scheduling will be done.)
-> What message do we want to convey to the target audience about the brand/products/services? (Brand Positioning)
-> Bio description of each social media platform.
-> Repurposing of content.
-> How will we promote a particular product/service?


Based on the weekly or/and monthly content strategy we’ve created for our client’s social medias, we write:

-> Scripts for posts, stories, videos and reels
-> Caption
-> Stack relevant hashtags for each post




Based on brand theme and content strategy:

-> We design impressively engaging creatives: single graphic posts, carousel posts, stories, reels, and highlight covers.
-> We use trending music and music that fits the reel content to get the best engagement results.
-> We use the right effects and transitions to make the reels and videos more impressive and attractive.
-> We use brand colors, fonts and elements to design social media posts to bring a brand cohesive look.


Based on the client’s business goals, we determine how often and at what time post and story scheduling will be done.

In addition, we also work on tasks related to community development, reaching the target audience, and growing engagement on a daily basis.




At the end of each month, we provide a monthly performance report to the client via email which includes:

-> Insights about engagement growth (likes, comments, followers, saves, shares) compared to the last month.
-> Measure of business goal achievement.
-> The type of material that worked best.
-> List of things that got better.
-> List of things that can be continued.
-> List of things where more work is needed.