31 Done-For -You Canva Templates (Monthly)

31 Done-For-You Canva Templates For FREE

This top-selling product has the potential to help business owners create stunning graphics in less time, using minimal design experience. It’s easy to customize according to your brand and is perfect for industries like beauty & salon, wellness, real estate, coaching, education, fashion, travel, and more.

This design pack will increase your engagement, and help in increasing your following and email list.

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“31 Done-For-You Canva Templates” is an ideal product for anyone:

Who Wants to CREATE Beautiful IG Graphics, GROW their IG audience and email list, and GAIN Real Attention, BUT…

  • Don’t even know where to start!
  • Don’t have the time (or skills) to design engaging and beautiful designs.
  • Don’t have thousands to spend hiring an expensive designer.

Also, this product is perfect for someone Who Wants to SAVE their PRECIOUS TIME because using these templates, designing IG posts will be much BETTER, FASTER, and SIMPLE. 

The time spent in learning graphic designing and developing new posts can be saved. Trying to come up with a beautiful design for your content can be a frustrating task. This product can save you all this frustration. In addition, you can save a significant amount of money that you would spend on hiring a graphic designer.

Qualities of this product:

  1. These IG Canva templates are designed especially for small biz owners and online entrepreneurs.
  2. You do not need a premium subscription to Canva to use these templates.
  3. These are easy to customize. Simply switch out the fonts, colors, images & other graphic elements to match your branding.
  4. Perfect for your industry. Customize to match your brand’s identity. Perfect for: Beauty & Salon, Wellness, Real Estate, Education, Fashion, Traveling, or any other industry.
  5. You can easily edit and use these templates on your phone also. No need for a computer!


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