Simplifying the Selling Process: Let's Make It Easy!

Let’s Make Selling Easy For Us!

If you have a product or service that you’ve created for a noble cause, aimed at improving the lives of others, shouldn’t we then refrain from hesitating or feeling guilty about reaching out to different individuals (our target audience) and pitching our products/services to them? After all, we are simply verifying if they are facing the challenges that our services can solve, so that we can present them the solution!

If they are struggling, inform them how your services can address their issues. If they aren’t, wish them well and kindly ask for referrals should they know someone who might benefit.

Now, you also need to stop assuming that in exchange for providing them with a solution through your services, you will be asking them money –  which is too much to ask or doesn’t make you feel good, as typically when we assist others, we don’t expect monetary compensation in return.

But let’s consider this situation from a different perspective: There is an abundance in the world, and the individuals you connect with for your services may possess considerable wealth but have been grappling with a problem for years that your services can resolve. They may have longed for the right solution to their problem, and now their desire has finally manifested as you approached them with a solution! Just imagine the incredible feeling it would evoke for that person to finally find what they had been seeking for so long! They will gladly provide you with the fees for the solutions you will be offering them.

Now, you might be wondering whether your services can effectively solve their problem or not. In light of the trust they have placed in you, it is essential to do full justice to it, not only for their well-being but also for your own. Strive to give your best and make a meaningful impact.

Furthermore, when setting a price for your service, ensure that you genuinely believe it is entirely appropriate – neither too low nor too high, but precisely what you currently require. By adopting this mindset, as you work on your client’s task, you will have no regrets about giving too much and receiving too little. This approach will enable you to wholeheartedly and happily strive to resolve the client’s issue to the best of your abilities.

May these insights empower you to connect with your target audience, embracing a mindset of service rather than resentment.

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